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Showers all around

Evidently Calvin is aware that his tag has fallen off and he can no longer be returned, because he chose this evening to pee on his mother for the first time.  Granted that we completely blame Cortney for this fiasco.  We have both avoided baby boy showers thus far by always performing a quick exchange between diaper and washcloth so that he was always covered, firstrealbath.jpgbut tonight Cortney chose to change him while he was in the process of peeing, so no covering swap could have been quick enough.  And since Cortney had to suffer being showered, and since Calvin had not entirely missed himself with said shower, and since his tag is off, we decided it was time for a shower of another sort - Calvin's first real bath.  Though we were prepared for the worst, Calvin actually seemed to settle down and enjoy the warm water fun.  Plus, now we know why we replaced the kitchen faucet - that extendable hand held  sprayer with the shower function is absolutely key to a clean baby!

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