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No plan is a good plan

You can read that title two different ways, of course.  Either it is generally good to have no plan, or all plans are inherently bad.  We are definitely finding the first to be true, and the latter might be also but the jury is still out on that.  In any case, we attempted several times over the last week to actually watch a movie and were foiled each time by Calvin's strange scheduling.  Prior to the weekend Calvin had been fairly relaxed in his eating pattern, often going 5 hours without a meal, sometimes more at night.  But this past weekend it was every 2-3 hours, even at night, making Friday and Saturday nights our first really sleepless ones since we came home from the hospital, so we didn't have the energy for an evening movie (and we're not talking about going out, but simply a rented flick).  relaxedeater.jpgBut Sunday finally saw the return of "normal," and Monday he let us sleep for 6 hours, followed by another 4 (that's more sleep than we got in a night before he arrived).  Then last night he seemed so relaxed while Jon was giving him his evening meal (the second time Calvin enjoyed expressed milk from a bottle) that we were brave enough to stay up a little later and watch a movie.  Luckily we were treated to a repeat of Monday night, we just didn't sleep for the first 3 hours of the 8:30pm to 2:40am 6 hour stint.  Ah well, these are the toughest decisions we go through these days - do we want the extra sleep, or do we want a little "us" time.

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