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Calvin in live action!

It's amazing how quickly Calvin is changing, and just recently we have found ourselves getting to the really good part - the part where he is still pretty easy to get along with, but beginning to really respond to us and to his environment. He started smiling over two weeks ago, and added giggles last week, then just a few days ago he started to grab at things, perhaps mostly by accident but he is beginning to work more with his extremities, that's for sure! Though we have nearly an hour of what would be categorized as fairly boring footage by most folks, the following is about a 90 second snippet of some of our favorite moments. We especially like how, in the final seconds of the clip, Calvin gets frustrated trying to maneuver the giraffe and takes it out on the elephant: "what are you looking at? I'll just bop you in the face and then you won't laugh at me anymore for not being able to chew on this giraffe! Hah!"

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