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Fingerpainting is not for sissies

We had some great pictures taken of Calvin yesterday (thanks, Lamaze, for the certificate for a free sitting and newborn package!), and we had this great idea that we would get prints from his feet and hands to put into a collage with the photos.  Right.  We naively shopped for non-toxic paints and mixed them to get the color we wanted.  postfingerprinting.jpgThen we carefully set up the kitchen table with damp paper towels, a bowl of warm water, and the special paper we planned to print on.  Again we say...right.  Though the foot printing went okay, it never occurred to us that the reason no one has hand prints from their newborn is that newborns don't open their hands.  Needless to say, if we go solely by the hand prints we got everyone would think we had an alien baby.  In the end we were rewarded with some great looking footprints and one ornery baby.  Luckily he enjoys taking a nice warm bath.

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