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Now only six minutes to Africa

calvintramride.jpgLast summer we surprised the world with our story of the seven minute tram to Africa that leaves from a station in Binder Park Zoo.  This year, we bring you the six minute tram to Africa (who would take the seven minute tram when the six minute tram is available?) - all we can say is that they must have found a way to shave a minute off somewhere!  The giraffe feeding was prime, the Red Pandas were up and wandering, and the tortoise was sharing his meal with a rabbit - a wild rabbit, that is (a smart wild rabbit).  calvinandchickens.jpgCalvin had a great time and was actually awake for part of the trip!  One thing we must warn everyone about - if you plan on taking said trip to Africa, be forwearned that getting lunch there takes at least three times longer than the tram ride.

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