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Milking it (working title: You do the math)

We took Calvin to his 2 month well child appointment today where he proceeded to wow his pediatrician. When Calvin was born he was in the 20th percentile for weight, 25th for length, and 15th for head circumference. Today he weighed in at 12lbs 10oz and measured almost 24 inches long, placing him squarely in the 75th percentile for both, and the 40th percentile for head circ. The milkingit.jpgdoctor was impressed with his curve on the growth chart and said that some kids remain within 5 degrees of their birth percentile for life. Not Calvin - he wanted to test our calculus by creating his own curve on the growth chart. In addition to his monster growth rate (not all that uncommon for breastfed babies, really, but we like to feel proud when we can) Calvin got a clean bill of health - no plagiocephaly (a.k.a. flat head), the baby acne is clearing up well, and he sounds and looks good (we already knew that!). We did talk to the pediatrician at length about our concerns regarding Calvin's seeming discomfort at feedings. The general feeling is that the trouble can be attributed either to a protein intolerance, which we will be testing for early next week, or to an overabundance of milk supply (either way we can blame it on Cortney). So, with some possible answers and remedies in hand we head into Calvin's third month! reallymilkingit.jpgOh, and as far as vaccines go, Calvin would like to say no thank you next time, but, of all his vocal achievements, today's sad "why am I hurting?" whimper cry has by far had the most effect on his parents. So far he has convinced them to allow extra nap time, feeding time, and bath time, and an entire evening of cuddles instead of being put to bed in his bassinet. We guess we had better harden our soft touches soon - or at least before he can drive.

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