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Growth spurts - several of them.

Well, Calvin is eight weeks old today.  According to our own measurements at home Calvin is hovering somewhere around 12 pounds and over 23 inches.  He is already in a size 2 diaper (our sadness at his outgrowing the newborn size is just a distant memory at this point) and is wearing mostly 3-6 month clothing.  Will someone please tell the kid that eight weeks is not the same as three months?  It's not even quite two months!  It is hard to remember that he was below average size when he came home eight weeks ago. 
In fact, today was the first time that Calvin was called "big."  Cortney was in the waiting room at her allergist's office today when another bored patient asked how old "the cute baby" was.  When Cortney replied that he was eight weeks old today (what mother doesn't enjoy attention being lavished on their baby?), shecalledmebig.jpgthe woman was awed that he was "such a big baby for his age" (insert gasp here).  Ever the proud mother, Cortney came back with the information that he was only 6 and half pounds when he came home, to which the offending woman replied "well he sure is fattening up, isn't he?  You'll want to slow him down a little..." (insert snottiness here - yes, snottiness).  Too proud to be daunted, Cortney happily informed the woman that a quickly growing baby is an indication of good milk, good environment, and good genes, but even with such reinforcement, Calvin pouted all afternoon.

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