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Calvin's trip to the big lake

famatlake.jpgWell, last weekend was Calvin's trip to the northern lands of relaxation, a.k.a. Cortney's childhood summer destination, and this week we bring you Calvin's trip to the western lands of beach fun, a.k.a. Jon's childhood summer destination on Lake Michigan in Holland.  On the way there we made a quick stop in Grand Rapids at our friend Sue's house - just long enough to feed the little man and get back on the road.  Then Calvin was a big hit at the cottage gathering in Holland, but was the cottage gathering a big hit with Calvin?  toesinlake2.jpgHe really seemed to like the sand and the water.  Of course it's not like we threw him into the surf, but we did dangle his toes in the waves and press them into the waterlogged sand, an activity which really made Calvin go into deep thought mode.  But we figure that he enjoyed it because it triggered a 20 minute run of smiles and cooing that the whole family enjoyed - you can fool some of the people all of the time...
In any case, the day on the lake was enjoyable for all of us and there are lots of pictures in the "Calvin's ninth week album." 

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