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A milestone we wanted, and one we didn't

The good news first.  Calvin has always been a good sleeper, staying down for six to eight hours most nights, which the pediatric medical profession calls "sleeping through the night."  But let's face it - if he goes down at nine, six hours later it's still only thee AM!  Even eight hours later it's only five.  We consider three AND five AM to be part of "the night"  and we don't call that sleeping through.  For the past almost two weeks, though, Calvin has consistantly gone down at nine and gotten up at seven.  Now we're talking!

crabbyboy.jpgNow the bad news.  Calvin has his first cold.  We can't say we were surprised - Cortney had a sore throat and sniffles last week and, even though she washed her hands in hot hot water so often that they started to peel, we figure that if the antibodies she has didn't protect her they won't protect the little guy.  We could tell on Sunday that something wasn't right, but yesterday and today have really been the toughest.  We figure he has a sore throat, which, of course, he wouldn't understand, poor little guy, so he is uncomfortable while eating and doesn't want to talk as much.  And, of course, he is fussy all the time and does not want to be put down!  On the bright side, he is really tired all of the time so he is taking his naps really well!  And, just for a bit of mommy humor, Cortney dressed the ornery little bugger in a onesie with crabs on it;  if he's going to be crabby he might as well dress that way.

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