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Trying out segues.  Ways.

Today we officially started the process of moving to a new house.  Of course moving to a new house would first require buying one, jonsegway.jpgwhich first requires finding one and, more importantly, selling ours.  Anyone want a really cute 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch?  We didn't think so.  The good news is that we have at least four years before we need to be moved into the school district we want for Calvin, but we are looking to move in the next year or two, before our fixed rate mortgage is up (literally and figuratively).  The sad news is that moving means we have to say goodbye to our first house and our first neighborhood - both of which we have really loved right from the start.  Yes, moving can be difficult...

cortneysegway.jpg...but not with the Segway!  No, with the Segway moving is simply a matter of leaning - forward to go forward, backward to go backward (duh).  A perk to moving is our realtor, who is not only very fun, helpful, and caring, but who also happens to have a Segway at her office for clients to try out, and try it out we did.  There is no better non-calorie burning way to travel short distances for sure.  Cortney laughed so hard she almost fell off the thing...

...but we all got home safely just the same.  And, while our achievement for the evening was trying the Segway, Calvin's calvinreadinginbath.jpgachievement was trying out books.  We read to him several times a day and lately he has been reaching for the pages while sitting on our laps during a book.  So tonight we gave him his soft bath book to try out.  He definitely got the hold right - grabbing it with both hands, one on each side - but aside from that his foray into literacy was less successful, as he mostly just shook it or stuffed it in his mouth.  Hey, everyone has to start somewhere...

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