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"Warning: Never Leave..."

We attempted our second date night A.C. (after Calvin) tonight in honor of Jon's upcoming birthday, but Calvin had other plans. It seems he believes he is at the 7-month-old's separation anxiety mark well ahead of his time. We met at Macaroni Grill and managed to just receive our appetizer when we got the phone call that Calvin had been a screaming mess ever since Cortney left, and was inconsolable. Fortunately, Macaroni Grill is set up for to-go orders just as well, so Cortney raced back to her babysitting parents while Jon waited for the dinners. Sure enough, Calvin calmed down right away for Cortney, and remained calm the rest of the evening. And we can't help but note the irony that, as we sat eating our date-night dinners, Jon glanced over to where Calvin was cooing away in his umbrella stroller watching us, and all Jon could see of the stroller's warning label was: "Warning: Never leave..."

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