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Getting on up there in days

Calvin turned 91 days old today, that also being 13 weeks, or one day shy of 3 months.  To mark the occasion we took more comparison shots.  By our estimate (using a scale that measures to the tenth of a pound, and a measuring tape from our sewing box) he is 14.3 pounds and 24.75 inches.  Since he doesn't have a doctor appointment until October we won't be able to verify that, but we do know that he is growing.  We think you can even see his mental growth in these pictures (these days, smiles and thumb sucking as opposed to sleeping or blank stares).

2 weeks     vs.     8 weeks     vs.     13 weeks 

swing1too.jpg swing2too.jpg swing3too.jpg






3 days    vs.     7 weeks      vs.     13 weeks 

carseat1too.jpg carseat2too.jpg carseat3too.jpg

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