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Second time's a charm

SecondTimesACharm1.jpgNo, you're not seeing things, we really did go to another zoo Halloween party this afternoon.  We couldn't resist.  It's not like we've had a pint sized candy excuse before.  Besides, we spent all that money on his costume (resale's a miracle, but shhhh!  Don't tell!) and have to get as many uses out of it as possible, so today we made the trek to our second favorite zoo down in Toledo to enjoy their Little Boo at the Zoo party.  Sure it was cold and windy, and sure most of the animals were somewhere off exhibit, but the trip had it's merits:  we got a great look at the baby polar bear twins SecondTimesACharm2.jpgand one of the baby cheetahs, Calvin got a chance to "ride" one of the metal turtle sculptures that are usually too hot to touch, and we came home with four pieces of candy - 2 pieces for each of us, since Calvin is too young, of course.   The only down side to the day was our visit to Africa where Calvin was devastated to learn that the SecondTimesACharm3.jpggiraffes at this particular zoo are not feed-able or touchable the way that they are at both Binder Park and now Detroit, as well.  Instead of his customary "giraffe" smile, we were treated to a heart meltingly cute "giraffe" pout. 

Pictures.  In the Oct 20-26 album

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