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These must be the halcyon days of fall

Fall is here: the leaves started changing, the nights started cooling, the days turned rainy and grey... and then came a return to the sun and warmth of the previous season.  HalcyonDaysOfFall2.jpgSome would call it an Indian Summer, but we think a more appropriate term might be "paradise."  Sure it's hot, but we try to remind ourselves that instead of complaining about the heat we could be breaking out the hats and mittens like this time last year, and who wants that already?  So we took advantage of the hand mother nature dealt and made today a hiking day.  There's something a little odd about sweating through your shorts and t-shirt while shuffling through HalcyonDaysOfFall3.jpgrichly colored fallen leaves, but we didn't complain back in July or August so why should we now?  Not to mention that when we went on hikes back in July Calvin was a very different kind of hiking partner.  Back in July he enjoyed looking at the things we pointed out but was basically just along for the ride in his backpack carrier.  Today Calvin seemed to be doing most of the pointing, followed by that babbling noise that sounds suspiciously like a well posed question that HalcyonDaysOfFall4.jpgwe just can't understand.  He spent half of the hike in the backpack and the other half pushing his own little feet through the downed leaves.  He found a squirrel, a cat (inappropriately out of doors), a spider, and even a wee little frog, and he made sure to point them out for our own viewing pleasure.  He amazes us.  We love watching him discover the natural world we love so much, and we are thankful for these halcyon days of fall.

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