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For every season...

...there's a time, and today was fall's day.  ForEverSeason1.jpgAfter several cold and windy days today's temperatures reached into the lower 60s and we opened our doors and windows to let in a little sunshine and air.  We also played outside for the first time in what seems like an eternity.  With only three small trees in our yard there's not much raking to do, but in order to have a pile of leaves to jump in one must ForEverySeason2a.jpgfirst rake the leaves into a pile, and so that's what we did.  Calvin liked the raking, he liked the leaves, and he liked the "mess" he was allowed to make with the leaves.  The best part of the Calvin's first foray into this traditional fall activity was the long afternoon nap he took afterForEverSeason3.jpg exhausting himself while frolicking in said leaves.  Now that's fun all around.

Pictures can be found, by those who choose to seek them, in the Nov 10-16 album.

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