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The food we celebrate

Thanksgiving20071.jpgWhat is Thanksgiving if not a holiday about food?  Sure, we know it's about giving thanks for those things which we cherish in our lives, but food on the table and good company is a really good place to start.  In our house Thanksgiving is also a sort of kick-off day of preparing our home and our lives for the upcoming season of advent.  So first thing in the morning, while enjoying a yummy family Thanksgiving20072.jpgbreakfast, we bring all the Christmas decorations out of storage and begin the job of dressing the house for the season.  It's a tad early this year (we won't have a tree until next weekend) but Calvin greatly enjoyed removing each and every seasonal trimming, twice finding himself stuck head first in one Christmas bin or another (be sure to note the santa hat).  Which brings us to the great food and company that we celebrated later in the day, Thanksgiving20073.jpgwhere Calvin enjoyed being the center of a universe that consisted entirely of his devoted followers:  two grandmothers, two grandfathers, an aunt, and an uncle.  Oh, and two parents, too, of course.  Calvin took this celebration of food and thanks to a whole new level with his grandmothers:  he continually conned his gram into giving him snacks from the kitchen, and his grandma brought him the most brilliant set of wooden food we've ever seen, complete with Thanksgiving20074.jpgstylish cutting board and knife (it's needed to cut apart the slices of healthy food that are velcroed together), which kept the entire household entertained the whole evening (whether because of the toy or the Calvin, we can't say). 


Pictures, for which are thankful, are in the Nov 17-23 album.

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