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A friend by any other name...

Who said internet relationships weren't real?   Today we proved AFriendByAnyOtherName1.jpgthat guy wrong by blazing a new trail on the road of friendship, at least in our lives, that is.  A year ago Cortney joined an online forum of mothers who share a hobby in scrapbooking.  The original board was a relatively large one, but over time some individual friendships started to emerge and a few of the other women from the board started to chat via instant messenger.  Though they are, for the most part, AFriendByAnyOtherName2.jpgspread across the continent, one other woman on the board lives only two hours away, and today we got up early, packed the car, and trekked over to her house.  Sure, anything could have happened:  the kids could have fought, the husbands could have clashed, and, perhaps worst of all, the two moms could have found that, as compatible as they were across internet, they just couldn't mesh in real life.  Fortunately for us, what happened instead is that the kids AFriendByAnyOtherName3.jpgloved each other, the husbands exchanged stories, and the two moms picked up in person exactly where they had left off on YIM.  While there we shared bagels and coffee before heading over to the Frederik Meijer Gardens to enjoy the beautiful Christmas displays, especially the Polar Express train exhibit, and on returning to the house the kids (including the husbands) all played while the two moms went out shopping.  The day was a complete success, and we greatly look forward to future outings of all kinds.  So, to whomever it was that thought internet relationships couldn't last, we plan on proving you wrong, too.

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Cortney, that's so cool that you actually got to meet an online SB friend. I wish I could meet someone too, but everyone is so far away! (I'm curious who it was too!:) ) I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! Calvin is getting so big, I can't believe it!
December 31, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJulia

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