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The joys of the season

JoysOfTheSeason1.jpgThe tree is decorated and the stockins are hung, so now it's time to have some fun!  It's a strange phenomenon in our house that during the summer we go outside only on days that are free of precipitation, but during the winter we only take the trouble to venture out if it IS precipitating.  We tend to think that snow is more fun than rain.  After days of being cooped up in the house listening to the winter winds JoysOfTheSeason2.jpghowling all around, the blustery weather finally moved off, leaving a dusting of snow in its wake as an invitation to get some fresh air.  Of course we likely spent more time getting ready than we actually spent out of doors, but that in itself is part of the physical exercise of the season, isn't it?  Calvin was looking mighty fine in his "stay-puft meets M.C. Hammer" outerwear, and had no problem moving about in his boots (no "I can't put my arms down" like last year).  He was immediately surprised by his new ability to leave footprints on the driveway, and wasted no time in ordering his mother to shovel (a difficult job, JoysOfTheSeason.jpgbut someone's got to do it and it shoudln't be him, right?).  It wasn't so much the clean driveway he was after as the pile of snow he wanted made on the grass, though.  Perhaps it reminded him of the leaves he shuffled through not too long ago. 

See the rest of the funny pictures in this weeks's album, of course. 

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