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The weather indoors

We really enjoyed last Tuesday's beautiful snow storm and the white blanket of snow that covered everything last Wednesday in its aftermath.  Heck, we even enjoyed shoveling it.  But snow is really only enjoyable when it's frozen, because when it isn't frozen it's water and water just isn't as pretty, especially when it's dripping through your ceiling.  Yup.  Through the ceiling.  What started as beautiful, fluffy, white snow that blew through our roof vent and into our crawl space during last week's high wind snow storm has, during the course of the recent sunny and warmer days, rainingbucketsinside.jpgbecome water, and that water has seeped into our insulation, and then through our recessed lighting and now right through the seem in the dry wall.  Somehow it just looked prettier as snow on our lawn than it does as water in the three strategically placed bowls in our hallway.  And how do we work Calvin into this blog entry, since he's the only reason most of you read it anyway?  Let's just say he's not the only thing that leaks in our house anymore.

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Hi Cortney, it's Whitney from BBC (brady0621). We just wanted to make sure you and Calvin are doing well. We haven't seen you on the boards lately and we miss you! I hope you get your leak under control and everything else is going well!! Talk to you soon!
-Whitney and Brady
February 21, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterWhitney

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