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A new way to view the world

Or at least a new way to capture our view.  The combination of an increasingly slow camera and an increasingly mobile child finally wore down our patience today.  Turning the camera on takes six seconds alone, then five seconds for it to focus, and another five for it to save the picture to the card before you can start another five seconds of re-focusing to take a second picture.  By this time the kid is gone:  he's walking, remember?  And we are trying to capture the event so we can put it in our scrapbook, but all we get is a burry shot here and there.  So today we spent Jon's lunch hour at the local camera store and came home with a DSLR.  Now, instead of 11 seconds between photos, we can get 2.5 frames taken per second!  That will increase our picture taking over 20 fold!  Watch for results coming soon...

Old camera (that blur is our son...)







New camera...

walk1.jpgwalk2.jpg walk3.jpg walk4.jpg

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Reader Comments (1)

I can see where you would wear out a camera with all the pictures you take ----- but then your subject is so cute I guess it is only natural. ;o) Besides, we get to enjoy all of your "work" too.

Have fun with your new camera and don't forget to let us see mom and dad once in a while !


April 18, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMom

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