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Our big boy

Calvin is a good eater.  There isn't anything that we have given him that he has turned down: we tried asparagus, he loved it; beets, he enjoyed them; strong, fancy cheeses, he begged for more.  OurBigBoy1.jpgYet tonight we thought maybe we would stump him by trying him out on artichoke.  Nope.  In fact, even though we gave it to him sans salt and butter, he loved it so much he laughed and reached for more, which is a lot for a kid who takes his eating so seriously.  And tonight marks the first night that he had a plate all his own that looked exactly like his parents' - curried pork, potato, and artichoke.  We did have some pureed zucchini and eggplant on hand just in case, and he ate those, too (we think he's growing, he's been a very big eater lately).

And we were so excited about his first time eating a big kid meal, and his love for his first taste of artichoke, that we decided it had to make it on the blog, and so it did.  But immediately after dinner he did something else that we would denote as blog-worthy.  Maybe it was the lack of pants tying down his legs, or the big kid dinner making him feel so old and capable, but whatever the reason, after dinner tonight he stopped crawling.  He's been alternating between walking and crawling for several weeks now, and he is by no means a good walker yet, but tonight he was determined to be a toddler instead of a cruiser, and the footage we got was just so darn funny, we thought we'd better share.  We hope it doesn't eclipse our artichoke story.

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