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A maelstrom of runaway days

If time usually flies, then the vortex of runaway days that has us caught chasing our tails to try BusySummer1.jpgand catch up is the reason we haven't posted an update in nine full days.  Between the 11th and now we have had visitors at the house and visited houses, parties at church both to welcome and to send off, trips to parks, festivals, and stores, and just a general business that has kept us on our toes.  BusySummer2.jpgAnd if you are looking for an eddy of your own to get swept up in we suggest summertime in Ann Arbor.  That, at least, is what has done it for us.  We spent at least one night a week at the Summer Festival on campus, then soon after close of that event the Rolling Sculptures Show drove into town on July 13, once again drawing us out into the sunshine and crowds.  Calvin loves the crowds.  BusySummer3.jpgHe was not as in love with the old Model Ts, Mercedes, or R.E.O. Speedwagons as we were, but he loved the tiny fairy car that ran on Vernors.  And close on the heals of the Rolling Sculptures show was the arrival of the Ann Arbor Art Fairs - more sun and more crowds, and again Calvin was more interested in the crowds, and in the manhole cover, BusySummer4.jpgthan he was in the art, but each person enjoys art in their own way and at least he had fun.  With all of the goings ons lately we haven't even been able to get back to our zoos and visit our animals.  Yes, the one thing that keeps us somewhat grounded and sane is the twice daily occurrence of nap time - some days for all of us - but even this is about to give way to the "more mature" once daily nap occurrence, at which time we are somewhat like to combust, so be prepared. 

All the car show pictures are in the July 7-13 album

All the Art Fairs pictures are in the July 14-20 album

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