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Happy Four years to us!

We are a bit behind in getting to this, but that's just how much fun we've been having this summer.  HappyFourYears1.jpgThursday of last week, July 26th, we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary.  It seems strange that it has only been four years when we stop to think about all the fun things we have done in that time.  So many jobs, so many vacations, so many new things to try.  Oh, and Calvin, too, of course.  We celebrated the milestone a couple of times:  We were treated to a really grand lunch at Zingerman's Roadhouse by Jon's parents (good American pulled pork and potatoes, followed by Root Beer floats!), and then to a fancy Australian dinner on the Huron River Front by Cortney's parents.  HappyFourYears2.jpgWhere else besides Ann Arbor could you enjoy a multi course meal complete with linen, china, glass, and "silver"ware atop the standard wooden park picnic tables?  No where, we tell you.  This was a picnic dinner, The Aussie/New Zealand Cook-off put on by the Ann Arbor Tasters Guild that focused on tasting several different Australian dishes, such as green lipped mussels and Kobe beef sausages, not to mention the lamb, and several different Australian wines, of course.  All under the picnic overhang alongside the Huron River in Island Park.  The style of the meal, several small tasting courses each with a different wine, was just like that of the special meal we shared on our honeymoon at Emeril's in New Orleans, which brought back great memories.  How appropriate.  And what a gorgeous dinner on a gorgeous night.  It's hard to say who was more amazed by Calvin's stellar behavior, us or the other partakers, as he sat in his stroller and tried each new food throughout the whole 2 hour meal!  That was our anniversary gift from our son, and a good one at that.  What a wonderful day, with two fantastic meals!

And, as always, an overload of pictures can be found in the July 20-27 photo album


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