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Our weekend was dedicated to drying out our basement and reorganizing and boxing our stuff while sorting out what was valuable and what was to be donated.  Shhhh1.jpgBy the end of the weekend we found ourselves needing a break from life:  a break from the wall to wall, ceiling to floor boxes; a break from the constant drone of the 3 humidifiers and 8 industrial grade fans; a break from the lack of peace and order, and the knowledge that even with so much work behind us, a mountain was still ahead.  Tonight we decided to take a break and get out, and where Shhh2.jpgbetter to go for a sense of restored order and calm than a library?  The rows and rows of neatly ordered books and the gentle quiet of the air did go a long way to calming our frayed nerves.  Jon picked out a book for himself and three for Calvin, who was far more interested in the magazine rack, and we did our best to cause only a minimal disturbance while we took our milestone recording photographs.  It was, after all, Calvin's first trip to the library.

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