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4H1.jpgNo, we're not talking about bingo, we're talking about animals - the farm kind:  cows, sheep, chickens, rabbits, etc.  It has been a stormy week here so when the clouds parted long enough for the sun to break through this evening we jumped at the opportunity and headed to the Chelsea Community Fair for dinner.  Calvin really loves animals (wonder why?) and got a real kick out of the rows and rows of bleating sheep and 4H2.jpgclucking chickens.  He found the enormous rooster that crowed right in his face to be the most amusing, while his parents were rather taken with the rabbit who was at least three times the size of Moose (that being our little dog).  It wasn't the animals, however, that had us truly incredulous, it was the price of the food.  Who wants to pay $30 for the privilege of eating a "meal" (a sausage, fries, and a drink for each adult) 4H3.jpgof run-of-the-mill carnival food?  Not I, not I!  Instead, we left the fair grounds and walked to the Chelsea Grill where we enjoyed fantastic burgers with fries and beer for only $23, and we did so while being waited on in a clean and air conditioned restaurant where we didn't have to worry about dust, bugs, or the smell of manure.  And at the end of our meal we raced home (within the speed limit, of course) just ahead of the next storm front that was coming through.

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