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Indoor Activities

Entering into the deep months of winter we knew we were JanuaryRecap01.jpggoing to have our work cut out for us:  wintering with an infant is one thing, but being stuck inside all winter with a toddler?  We wouldn't wish it on anyone.  Cortney is increasingly thankful that we had the foresight to sign up for an abundance of activities this season, and with dance class on Tuesdays, library class on Wednesdays, and music class on Thursdays, the JanRecap02.jpgmonotony of the season has been greatly livened.  Still, with the mild January that we've had, rather than having snow for sledding, we have rain to keep us inside all the other four days of the week so we've had to be creative when it comes to activities in order to keep the whole household entertained.  Calvin does pretty well building with his blocks, playing his musical instruments, or "reading" the pictures in his books, JanRecap03.jpgbut we find ourselves needing stimulation as well, and Calvin is our usual project.  So far this winter Calvin has learned how to hold his pencil correctly, how to set the table (we shared the fruits of that labor with you yesterday), and how to play high vs. low notes, white vs. black keys, and loud vs. (more importantly) soft on the piano.  And we have whiled away what would have otherwise been many a boring hour by drying the bathroom after water play time in hopes that this will bring back thoughts of warm days at the pool or beach.  It's not working, so instead we find ourselves hoping that April is a lot closer than it looks.

More pictures in the Jan 19-31 album

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