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Our new addition... the yard.  Christmas came to our house early this year in the form of a beautiful Eastern Redbud.  We picked him out last week, after much searching and disappointment from various Ann Arbor area tree hot spots, at Fraleigh's Nursery and they brought him home to us this morning and planted him in the back yard by the butterfly garden.  We are all very excited to welcome him to our terrain, but Calvin especially is absorbed in his presence.  Yesterday we stopped by the nursery to finalize the delivery details and to take some pictures, and during our grocery stop on the way home Calvin told everyone who would listen about his new tree and its yellow leaves (his grasp of language  is such a joy, and I mean that without a single ounce of sarcasm).  His jubilation at the arrival of the "planting men" this morning was equally as uncontainable and we spent the entire half hour outside in the barely above freezing weather watching them dig a whole, mix in dirt and mulch, and plant our new addition; our beautiful new tree.  Thank you Gram and Grandpa!  And kudos to Fraleigh's, where everyone was knowledgeable and helpful.

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