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Ford, Victoria, what's the difference?

We often hear people talk of a Victorian Christmas and all its traditional charms. In fact, we've heard ourselves mention that ultimate of Christmas experiences from time to time. But we're here to tell you that a Ford, as in Henry Ford, Christmas is really just as magical and full of traditions. Tonight we took some time off (thanks to Calvin's wonderful Grandma and Opa) and went to Greenfield Village's Holiday Nights event. We went last year, too, and it was just as beautiful, but this year it was an adult date night and that allowed us to enjoy the evening at a more relaxed pace, sans freezing, whining toddler, and follow it up with drinks with our good friends. All the icons from the holidays of old (Santa on the roof, roasted chestnuts, open air skating, and mulled cider with hobo bread) combined with some modern conveniences (blowing heat in the old court house) made for a fantastically magical event, one that we plan to make an annual tradition (and Calvin can join us when he's old drink). Yes Ford built a very nice village, and a very beautiful Christmas tradition to boot.

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