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Have you lost the magic?

Shopping.  Cooking.  Stress over company, wrapping, cleaning, and correspondence.  Is this what the holidays become as we grow older?  I love Christmas and have fought what many see as the inevitable loss of the magic even as I have gained in years what I have lost in innocence (there were possibly a few touchy moments in more recent years where the exactitude of the occasion began to overtake the sweetness of the event) but nothing has done more for my holding onto that magic than having a child.  All week we planned to attend tonight's ceremonial lighting of the Christmas tree in downtown Dexter, but when today arrived with its blustery cold (only 18 degrees at noon), the affair looked far less inviting.  Not so to Calvin, though, and we found ourselves bundling up as best as we could, grumbling a bit under our freezing breath about the absurdity of the situation.  But it's hard to grumble on when faced with the shining stars of curiosity in your child's eyes at the site of the crowds, the warmth of the fires, and the beauty of the large tree.  Even more overwhelming to my heart was his wonder and excitement at exploring the dreamily lit, child friendly (i.e. ride on) manger scene;  he tried out all the camels, the donkey, the sheep, and then spent long moments gazing into the eyes of Mary, the kings, and even Baby Jesus.  Be still my fluttering heart, THIS is the magic of Christmas.

More pictures in the Dec 2008 album.

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