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Happy Easter

HappyEaster200801.jpgWe wish you all a blessed Easter.  We celebrated Easter weekend the hard way - by moving into our new house.  Don't get us wrong, we are happy to be here, but instead of searching for eggs we're searching for, well, just about everything we own.  And, since it is a bigger house, it takes nearly twice as long to find everything.  But in addition to moving heavy furniture (in the wake of the first post spring snow storm, mind you) we also celebrated in some more traditional ways.  Though we didn't actually get dressed up for the holiday this year, Calvin did at least try on his new suit, which he will be wearing to a very HappyEaster2b.jpgimportant wedding in just a few weeks.  On Saturday, after the moving of said heavy furniture, we were able to share a wonderful dinner with Calvin's second cousin, Iris, and her family.  And on Sunday morning Calvin did get to partake in his first ever hunt for colorful eggs.  Ask Calvin what he did, though, and he's likely to tell you that he hunted for pretzels, because that's what we put inside each plastic egg, and that's what he yelled out each time he found one.  We weren't even sure that at his HappyEaster3b.jpgage he would be able to grasp the concept of egg (or pretzel) searching, but once again we underestimated the powers of food.

More Easter pictures here, and more spiffy suit picture here.

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