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Lightning will strike twice.

And if not lightning, then most assuredly water.  This also falls under the category of "if it can go wrong, it will."  After a long day of unpacking we (thankfully) decided to move a few more boxes out of our garage and into our basement only to find water seeping in from every available edge (that being all of them since, again thankfully, we hadn't put much down there yet).  It was eerily reminiscent of August in our old house, only on a quicker timeline - four years after moving into the old house the sump died, four days after moving into the new house the sump died.  Thankfully there are actually people out there who see it as their life's mission to replace your sump pump at 11:30pm on a Saturday night if that is when it should happen to break.  The man who came to our rescue was not only uniformed, courteous, and professional, but also strangely cheerful at a time when all we could think of was going to bed.  If anyone out there (in our general area) happens to find themselves in a similar situation, we highly recommend Michigan Power Rodding.  That being said, we hope none of you ever need that advice.

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