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Ha ha, made you look.

Calvin's favorite new car entertainment is calling out each red barn he sees and telling us where to look for them ("red barn [out], Calvin's window," or "red barn, daddy's window").  This afternoon's car conversation sounded like this:

RedBarn.jpgJon: "there's a red barn out daddy's window..."

Calvin: "yeah"

Calvin:  "red barn, Calvin's window!"

Jon: (said gently, so as not to disappoint) "I don't see one..."

Calvin:  "Calvin teasing daddy!" (cracks up)

Yeah, we see where this is going.  No one is safe anymore, but the kid sure has one well developed sense of humor.

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Reader Comments (1)

that so totally rocks! I love that he is teasing you guys. I was just thinking about you all since I am about to scrap the pics from your Dec visit.
May 18, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterStephanie

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