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Slip sliding away

SlipSlidingAway1.jpgYes, the good old Slip n' Slide, that great water toy of the 80s, is still alive and well.  It's been "improved upon," mind you - no more banana shaped sprinkler, your hose now attaches directly to the slide itself, and forget the grass stained swimshorts, you now end your slide in an inflated reservoir with a great big splash - but all in all it's still a great toy that packs a lot of fun in its SlipSlidingAway2.jpgpunch, or whatever the saying is.  Of course, Calvin's problem is that he isn't quite weighty enough to make it all the way down the slide, even with a great big push from a parent, and he isn't quite coordinated enough to run and slide for himself, so we end up getting awfully wet in the process, but really it was worth it.  We wonder if they really mean it when they say not for use by children over the age of twelve.
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