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Fudging the dates

Calvin's birthday is just around the corner - only two days away - FudingTheDates01.jpgbut since this year it happens to fall on a Monday, and since a two year old doesn't care about dates, we celebrated today instead.  As with most things that are new to him, we spent the week preparing by reading books about birthdays and talking about our plans for the day.  Although he did have a solid opinion on what he wanted for dinner, that being "pizza, artichokes, strawberries, happy birthday FudgingTheDates2.jpgcake" (honestly, in his words), two year olds are, thankfully, blissfully unaware of the usual birthday hullabaloo, and our party planning consisted of buying ingredients for a carrot cake, digging the last year's leftover decorations out of the basement, and deciding whether to pick up the pizza or have it delivered.  Calvin  With the recent heat-wave we decided to bake the cake (carrot) early, before it FudgingTheDates3.jpggot too hot to use the oven (another great reason to order pizza for dinner) and then walk into town for the Dexter Ice Cream Social in order to get out of the house for the morning.  That turned out to be a great choice - the breeze and cloud cover made it more comfortable to be out of doors than in, and Calvin enjoyed the Social like it was one big birthday party.  He got a balloon, he got to feed llamas and goats, and he FudgingTheDates5.jpgeven got to take part in the all essential birthday pony ride.  Twice.  And he wasn't particularly shy about telling everyone that it was his birthday ("oh, and how old are you?"  "two!").  Then, following a much needed afternoon nap, he woke up ready to have a party all over again, which was a good thing, since the kitchen was already filled with one.  And, what the family party lacked in pony FudgingTheDates4.jpgrides, it made up for tenfold with good company (his four favorite grandparents, his favorite aunt, and his favorite mom and favorite dad), food, and presents (of which his favorites happen to be a helicopter, a dollhouse, and condiments - yes condiments.  Who knew they made wooden condiments???).  We just hope he doesn't expect pony rides and a petting zoo every year.

The usual picture overkill can be found in the June 2008 album.28june2008.jpg

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Reader Comments (2)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 9, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterStephanie
Wow Cortney he is getting so big! It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. We are looking forward to a second birthday in a couple of weeks too. It is amazing how quickly it goes!! Love your writing!
June 12, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterDay

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