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The Milkman Cometh

Tuesday is now officially delivery day at the Ophoff household.  TheMilkmanCometh1.jpgFor well over a year now we've been enjoying fresh, organic, mostly local fruits and vegetables delivered right to our door every Tuesday afternoon.  The produce has always been phenomenal and comes in at prices far less than what we would be paying at places like Whole Paycheck Foods (if your curiosity has been triggered you can look up Door to Door Organics to see if they have a hub in your area).  Now TheMilkmanCometh2.jpgTuesdays will be seeing a second delivery man at our door - the milkman.  I've always gotten a kick out of my father sometimes talking about the milkman coming to his house when he was just a boy, but now Calvin will be able to do the same.  Far from being a milkman, of course, he will bring with him, according to our order, a wide variety of dairy products, all of which are organic, Michigan made (visit Calder Dairy for info), and, again, at a price below what we would pay in the store.  The milk is even delivered in glass jars and a wire basket, and to top it all off, the milkman is very friendly.

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