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(almost) Everyone wins

Yesterday, Michigan suffered an (almost) unexpected loss to Notre Dame.   It was a rather wet road game – when I say wet I mean wring your socks out before the next play kind of wet – and between the pouring rain and the poor officiating any effort by our inexperienced offense was really for naught.  Thankfully, while we were subjected to the rather wet weather, we were not forced to endure much of the game because we were off enjoying some much coveted child free time at a family wedding (the  wedding of Mark Karow, whom Curtis and I grew up with, to his bride CJ).  Rain or shine weddings are always enjoyable - who can say no to doing the Thriller dance with a pink flip-flop clad Curtis?  Or a little disco, a little swing, a little foxtrot, right after devouring wedding cake, of course.  And before anyone accuses us of leaving Calvin out of all the fun, he was home enjoying a visit with his Aunt Ann and his Grandma and Opa, who we hear  showered Calvin with affection, fun, gifts, and games.  To hear him tell it this morning they had an all out fiesta while we were gone, complete with a pizza party.  That must be the real way to ensure we get to go out every once in a while without much fussing - make sure the kid at home is having even more fun than we are.  Thank you Aunt Ann, Grandma, and Opa  =o)

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