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Who ordered the heat on Labor Day?

If you know us at all then you've probably noticed that we didn't visit the zoo as often this summer as in previous years.   Instead, the majority of our summer weekends and other free days were taken up with house  and garden care, both old and new, and we just didn't get out to visit our animals as often as we would have liked.  We are trying to make up for it now, though, and on Labor Day we took Gram and Grandpa to visit our favorite animals–the  ones at the Detroit Zoo.  I'd like to say that by waiting until later in the season we were able to enjoy cooler weather and more active animals, but alas, Labor Day this year ranked right up there with some of the hotest summer weather we had experienced, and we found ourselves seeking escape from the ninety degree heat in the air conditioned polar waters tunnel.  All the same, we had a really good time; the tiger was up and about, the snow  monkeys were surprisingly active, the seals were a big hit while we took our short polar air break, and even the aardvark put on a good show.   Ever the opportunist, Calvin took advantage of having so many doting wagon pullers by stretching out, leaning back, and enjoying the sights at his leisure from behind his cool dude shades.  Oh if only they offered that service for all visitors.  For more pictures, visit the September 2008 album.

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