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Make believe

This will be another quick post, short and to the point.  Mostly we just haven't done much out of the ordinary lately, or, perhaps that alone is worthy of mention.  Calvin, as I mentioned before, had a successful swim class on Saturday, then this week he had wonderful music and library classes.  We're all healthy again, and the weather has been warm enough to entice outside for short periods of exercise.  Maybe the only notable events this week (aside, that is, from the new era of hope that was beautifully sworn in on Tuesday at noon) were the sighting of the sun, the discovery that we have a rabbit living under our deck (we can tell by the track patterns), the darling little bluebirds who have started hanging out on our deck again, and the fantastic make believe play in the train town that has been built in our play room.  Actually, come to think of it, it really has been a great and busy week.  And if you want to see more pictures of our fantastic train town, you can visit our January photo gallery.

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