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2 days: all wrapped up

We've been wrapping slowly throughout the month (I'd had enough last minute wrapping marathons in the past to finally change my ways), and today we wrapped the final presents and curled the final bows. The key word here, of course, is "we," and many of this year's packages don't quite have the same polished look that I've given them in the past, but I can say that the wrapping job has been way more fun. Calvin usually mans the tape dispenser (some of our packages have tape in very odd places), and is also the reigning voice on artistic choices, like ribbon colors and tag options. It has been an exercise, not so much in patience, but in my ability to give up artistic control to the whimsical fancy of a three year old. Hard to believe I'm talking about wrapping paper and cheap ribbon, eh? In any case, this shopping season is all wrapped up.

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