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Some days are like that

Some days just plain go well. Today we slept through the alarm and woke up incredibly late–fifteen minutes before Jon should have left for work and Calvin and myself for music class–but instead of stressing about it we embraced the little sleep-in and moved somewhat slowly and sleepily into the demands of the day. We opted to skip class just today in favor of a lazy rainy-day morning at home before venturing out to do our weekly shopping, including a stop at the children's resale shop. Now how often do you think I find exactly what I am looking for in a store like that?  Rarely (though I usually find plenty of other things to buy, of course), but today we found exactly, and I mean exactly, what we needed which was some really awesome new rain gear.  After resale it was on to the grocery store, and what could be exciting about that?  Well, because the store is under construction they are rewarding anyone and everyone who comes through the door just for showing up still, and that scored us some major awesome deals, including new bread pans (in exactly the size we've been looking for) and a mixing bowl, all at 50% off.  As we were preparing to check out Calvin asked for a sushi lunch, and how could I say no?  It is one of our favorite treats.  And after that and a romp in the rain (so I could snap some pictures of the aforementioned awesome new rain gear) Calvin settled back for his afternoon nap while I played in the kitchen (mmmm bread making).  And as if all that wasn't pleasing enough, I also got a card in the mail today (I love getting good mail), finished a good book, and made one heck of a yummy dinner if I do say so myself (and Jon, Calvin, and my dad, who joined us, agreed - see the To Your Health section for the recipe). Yep. Today was just one of those days, in the best way possible.

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Reader Comments (2)

That really sounds like the most wonderful day for all of its simple pleasures--may days like this rain down on everyone we care about.
March 11, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMom O
What a wonderful day! Good for you for embracing it rather than letting it ruin your day!
March 12, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterStephanie

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