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Zoo season is now open

Saturday was a zoo day.  How could it not be?  With temperatures nearing 70 and a bright spring sun gracing the our part of the world there was no place we would have rather been.  This was our first visit of the year, hence the "opening of zoo season" for our family, but it reminded us of how things have truly changed.  In years past, as in during the last three or so years B.C., there wasn't really any such thing as a "zoo season."  Jon and I would visit zoos all year long, enjoying such festivities as Oktober Fest at the Binder Park Zoo, Christmas Lights in Toledo, and Valentines at the Detroit zoo (our personal favorite).  We found quite often that the best times to be there were early in the spring when the temperatures didn't reach above the 50s and most normal families (is that what we are now?) were still at home basking in the heat of their furnaces.  It was always a strange dichotomy to spend our day hiking through our favorite zoo areas and our evening toasting S'mores by a fire in our own living room, but it was a highly enjoyable kind of strange.  So we might miss the freedom of subjecting ourselves to near certain frostbite temperatures just to see the Tigers enjoy the cold in earnest play, but sharing the zoo with Calvin is preferable by far.  So zoo visiting now has its appropriate season, but that just means we have to cram more into the fewer months in which we have to enjoy it.  And we are excited to say that said zoo season is now open.  Lucky you guys.  Now you'll get to see pictures of things like tigers and aardvarks instead of just Calvin.

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