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I try not to post anecdotes that have the potential to be embarrassing to any of us at any time down the road. It can be difficult to find the fine line between telling enough of the story to get the point across and telling enough to make you wish you hadn't ten years from now, and with this post I know I am pushing my luck, but I am posting anyway because Calvin is so excited that he's sharing the news with everyone (and I do mean everyone) who will listen anyhow–the news that he is now using the adult toilet. And, in usual Calvin fashion, that really is the right terminology, too. We got him a nice little training potty and ourselves some books on the process of potty training, but we'd heard that boys tend to be slower with this milestone and I'd been in no hurry to enter the realm of having to know, at all times, the location of the nearest bathroom, so we'd been dragging our feet on actually starting any potty training process. Calvin, however, had other plans.  Two weeks ago today he woke up and said that he was "going to use the potty like mommy and daddy now," and that was that–we haven't washed a diaper since (except for overnight safety net diapers).  The first day was easy, since we happened to be at home, and the second day was just as flawless, even though we walked to the library and had to use their bathroom there.  Since we left for vacation on only the third day I was pretty sure we'd experience some backtracking, but I should know by now that my son is determined (later in life we'll refer to this as hard headed), and first vacation, then a full day at the Art Fair went by without a hitch.  So today we are celebrating two full weeks out of diapers.  This could be my favorite milestone yet.


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