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Drum circling

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'll just have to say it again:  we love our library.  We have wonderful childrens' librarians and really inviting youth reading programs.  Every summer our library, like many others, hosts a season filled with fun activities aimed at encouraging kids to read throughout the summer months.  That, of course, is no problem in our house (if we have any problem at all it's in getting him to leave some books at the library for other kids to enjoy), but we like to take part in the myriad of summer diversions offered by our youth program anyhow.  Already this summer we've enjoyed meeting John the farmer and his many farm animals on the lower level of our new library (ever seen a cow checking out "The Big Red Barn"?), as well as additional story and craft times, and today we took part in the library drum circle, again on the lower floor.  I found more than a bit of comic relief in watching the librarians and drum circle leader trying to keep the kids, and their instruments, quiet until the allotted hour (it was a wasted effort in any case), and Calvin found great joy in trying out every instrument he could lay his hands on.  One might think that an hour of percussive instruments in plenty, but I think we could have gone on all day (maybe not the people on the upper floors of the library, though).  We'll just have to watch for our next local drum circle opportunity...

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