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Friendship at three

We hit the Detroit Zoo today with Calvin's friend, Noah, and the two of them interacting together was a large percentage of the animal behavior I enjoyed while there.  It was amazing to watch them participate in actual conversation, sharing, and cooperation.  They discussed (seriously) the difference between a camel, as Noah called it, and a Bactrian Camel, as Calvin called it; They shared food at lunch; they helped each other get drinks from the drinking fountain; and they did all of this without prompting or help.  I was incredibly proud of both of them.  Watching them grow up, Calvin and all of his friends, is such a bittersweet thing.

There are several more pictures of their wonderful fun at the zoo (remember when I used to take pictures of the four legged animals at the zoo?), and since my mom hates scrolling through the plethera of monthly pictures to get to the most recent ones, you can click here to go straight to the first picture in the series and scroll through from there.

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