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In the absence of enough time to sufficiently and artfully update the blog, I'll let you in a few highlights from the past couple of weeks.  First, on July 25, we attended Jon's 10 year reunion, to which we might have ascribed the adjective pedestrian, had it not been for a really fun life preserver of a conversation that carried us through.  Then, on July 26, we celebrated 6 wonderful years of marriage; would it be considered a sign of comfort and bliss that we almost forgot our own anniversary?  Thanks to our parents we were showered with love at an impromptu dinner party.  Did I forget to mention that over that same weekend we scored some pretty fun diversions for the pint sized member of our family at our neighborhood wide garage sale, including an outdoor fort and a pretty awesome dollhouse style tree house?  Because we did.  And the final highlight of the past few weeks was a long weekend trip to visit family and attempt some moments of relaxation, a trip that included miniature golf, deer feeding, bird watching, and a few hours of beach enjoyment.  Those are the highlights of our past two weeks, and my excuses for not having brought them to your attention earlier.  Did you know that tree houses, even of the miniature variety, are very, very fun?

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