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Football season kickoff

It's that time of year again!  The leaves are just starting to turn colors, the nights are cooling off, the rains are coming in, and the Michigan Marching Band can be heard practicing nightly, at least by those who live in the area.  We had our first tailgate of the season today–a time to reconnect with good fall friends and good fall foods–and we even had an enjoyable football game following!  The past few weeks many Michigan football fans have been walking around with big question marks hanging over their heads.  What will the season be like?  Who will be the quarterback?  Will our coach be headed to court?  And, really, we are still walking around with question marks hanging over our heads, but they might at least be a little smaller, since the game on Saturday was actually enjoyable to watch (easy to say, of course, since we won, but I remember a day when a game against Western was not question mark at all, and a win against Western nothing to celebrate). But regardless of the team or the game, the tailgate marked the beginning of a great season of parties to come. 

Go blue!

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The game this week should be a good one, rivalry and all!! Go Notre Dame!! But yes, the start of football is always exciting, and Ethan is very much looking forward to it, and fall fun
September 9, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRachel

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