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Christmas day times two

Here is a second installment. We enjoyed so much Chrismtas this year that I'll have to split it into two volumes.

Christmas mornig, Santa gifts, stocking with oranges and change that hints at your age (shhh! don't tell!), and always presents enough to go around.

Everyone had a lot of help opening presents, and it was often hard to tell who was more excited, the receiver or the giver (of help, that is).

Not all wrapping jobs required opening help, or even opening at all.

Nap time. Oh joy.

Squid for snack! An odd tradition, but Curits makes a mean dish of tentacles and it's hard to pass up. This year we didn't even wait to up the presentation, we ate it straight from the stove.

Christmas dinner at the Carman's, where the younger set had us playing with bristle blocks (remember those?), cash registers, and doll houses. Christmas is about the kids, after all, even the bigger ones.

AND...we are fortunate enough to have two whole Christmas Days; Jon's family, two years in a row now, have had a second Christmas on the 26th just so that we can spread our fun out, instead of burning out. Day two of Christmas, for both years now, has been relaxing, quiet, and completely enjoyable.

Upon arrival we were treated to a reprise of Calvin and Opa's juice squeezing. Fun and delicious.

Cameras, cameras everywhere.

Calvin made gifts for everyone this year. Wine charms for the men in his life, and Christmas carolers and hand painted book bags for the women. It was a really fun process, and a huge hit come gift opening time.

Joy on Christmas is being cozy and warm with family.

I think the horse on strings was one of the favorite gifts of the day. Jon's mom found him at the Renaissance Festival in Holly and new he just had to join our family. He doesn't have a name yet, but is certain to be well loved.

In Jon's family shuffleboard is a holiday tradition. I love old traditions, especially ones that are so darn entertaining.

Our New Years trip to Harbor Springs will be next up in the series, and I'll try to get to that later today or tomorrow.

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