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If you don't know what that is, it's a movie. And not just any movie, but a 3-D movie. And not just any 3-D movie, but a phenomenal must-see beautiful glorious 3-D movie. A few weeks ago I had seen the title written several places and wasn't sure exactly what people were discussing, I was that off the grid, and if Curtis hadn't been in town over the holiday, and been so thrilled with his first viewing of the movie that he expounded vehemently on its multitude of charms and virtually goaded us into going, I'm not sure we would have gone, and that would most certainly have been a mistake. I have heard Curtis refer to the epic film as the Star Wars of our generation, and for all the camp and glory he just might be right. One thing is absolutely sure, this is an event as much as it is a movie; the audience, myself included, clapped at the end of the nearly three hour long film, and it wasn't even an opening night showing.

I loved it. We loved it. If we can find it in a nearby IMAX we will be going to see it again (and maybe even if we can't). This is the film of all films. Enough said.

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