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As I sit here typing this, Calvin and Jon are hunched over the dining table, their eyes riveted on Jon's computer, watching, of all things, an accordion performance. It wasn't an accidental stop; the front page of the entertainment section in today's (nearly defunct) newspaper featured a gigantic picture of a man playing that not-so-illustrious instrument. It's hard to say who was more intrigued—Jon or Calvin—and the article, which was about a Zydeco musician playing in town this weekend, led the bigger of those two boys to go in search of accordion performances posted online. Zydeco is interesting, and we got some enjoyment out of that, but it's nothing compared to the beautiful video that Jon found of Russian accordion virtuoso Nick Ariando. Yes, I just used words like "beautiful" and "virtuoso" in relation to the accordion. I had no idea. It's worth watching if you have a quiet moment.

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