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Time warp

I lost a week. A whole week! Not in the real world, of course, but my usual blog writing time is either after Calvin is in bed at night (when, for the past week, we've been working until the wee hours on a project for work) or when he is in bed during the afternoon for naptime. Well, guess what? That few hours reprieve in the middle of the day is no more. Though he is actually still happy to oblige with a nice two to three hour nap every afternoon if I send him up to take one, the extra afternoon sleep was making bedtime into a battle, and even after he was in bed, at around 9pm, he wouldn't fall asleep until almost 11pm, and would spend the time between yelling for this or for that, or singing (albeit happily) at the top of his lungs. Sans nap, he is now in bed ten minutes before 8pm, and is asleep before the hour hits. Amazing! And quiet. And since he's not unhappy during the day without the nap, and is very willing to spend an hour or more of "quiet" time alone in his room anyway, this is the route we've decided to take, not to mention that it is easier to organize a day without having a chunk of time during which I am chained to the house to tiptoe around a sleeping child after hanging a do-not-disturb sign on our usually friendly front door. It is a new-found freedom.

But I did lose a whole week last week, and rather than try to go back and pick it up, I'm just going to start fresh from right here, now that I have my new daily structure re-worked out. I'll be back with pictures later, and crafts, meal plans, recipes, etc. I can see already that my hour of "quiet time" this afternoon will be busy.

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